Snatch Blocks


Just as with any Renfroe product, we have our reputation, experience and our proven dependability hanging from every lifting and rigging product we manufacture. And now we’re proud to offer a new line of snatch blocks, from hook to shackle to tailboard, featuring the same quality and proof testing, as all of our Renfroe products. Reach for our new snatch block with the reassurance that it’s Renfroe.

  • Forged alloy heat-treated hooks and shackles, which will not break but straighten out before failure
  • Openings that allow rope insertion while block is suspended
  • Swivel pin stop will stay in swivel while reeving
  • Safety latch prevents disconnection from anchor point
  • Forged alloy heat treated hooks
  • Forged alloy heat treated shackles
  • Can be furnished with bronze bushings or roller bearings
  • Furnished with hook latch
  • Pressure lube fitting (7 1/2 through 15 Ton)
  • Opening feature permits insertion of rope while block is suspended
  • Hook and shackle blocks have bolt retaining system to assure no lost bolts